For your comfort

  • 5 big sanitary blocks.
  • A high level of impeccable cleanliness
  • Respect for the environment
  • Private toilets for the physical handicapped

Helpful features

  • Bathtubs for babies
  • Special children toilets
  • Special pet cleaning points
  • Caravan sewage deposit emptying
  • Wash&Dryers (token operated)

We have five toilet blocks throughout the campsite, so that access to them never is not far from any pitch. In them, you will feel like at home. Modern, comfortable and with a high level of impeccable cleanliness.

We care and have respect for the environment. All our sanitary blocks are perfectly integrated in the landscape that surrounds them, and have solar panels for hot water production, efficient lighting and water-saving systems.

Some helpful features are the special children toilets and bathtubs for babies. And of course, there are private toilets for the physical handicapped . On the outside of every sanitary block you will find points for the caravan sewage deposit emptying, a special fish cleaning site and in some of them, special pet cleaning points.

When are you coming?