Dear Customer,

Given the current uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic, we want to help you plan your next vacation. For this reason, we are adapting the cancellation policy for those cases where the reason for cancellation is directly related to the pandemic.

In these cases, cancellation of the reservation is possible up to the day before arrival. The amount of the paid reservation will be fully refunded, minus € 20 administration costs.

The exceptional cases are the following:

  1. That one of the customers mentioned in the reservation is positive for Covid-19 or must remain in quarantine because they have been in direct contact with a positive person.
  2. That one of the customers mentioned in the reservation is informed of the vaccination date for one of the days on which they are to enjoy their stay at the campsite.
  3. That it is impossible to reach the campsite on the agreed date due to mobility restrictions in the countries of origin as well as in those of transit or destination.
  4. That it is mandatory to quarantine or show a negative PCR in order to travel both in the countries of origin and those of transit or destination.

To justify any of these assumptions, the customer will be asked to send a document proving the situation.

Exceptional cases not taken into account:

  • The other hygiene conditions established by the competent authority at the time of the stay, such as the obligation to wear a mask, the limitation of capacity or hours, the prohibition of certain activities, etc.

Other aspects to consider:

  • These exceptional cancellation conditions only apply to the four cases described above. For all other situations, the cancellation periods and costs stated in your reservation document apply.
  • We remind you that we have insurance at your disposal that covers other cancellation cases than those mentioned here.

We hope that these new conditions will help you to better plan your next holiday with us.




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