The best thing:

  • We’re in a nature park, surrounded by the sea, the river and the lagoon.
  • The “Aiguamolls de l’Empordà” (Empordà Wetlands) nature park is a habitat of international importance, part of the Ramsar Convention list since 1993.
  • The many hides dotted around the park make it easy to watch birds.
  • It’s right next to the campsite and can be visited on foot or by bicycle.


  • 4,730 hectares of nature park, of which 825 hectares form a strictly protected nature reserve.
  • Extensive network of paths and bird watching hides
  • Wetlands of international importance for water birds
  • Up to 338 different species of bird have been spotted here
  • Emblematic species like storks, flamingos or rollers
  • Information centre at El Cortalet

A mosaic of separate ecosystems

The Aiguamolls de l’Empordà nature park, set up on 28th October 1983, was listed as a protected area after a long, hard-fought campaign to stop it being built up from 1976 onwards. It is structured around three main areas:

  • The Estanys (Ponds) reserves: with large areas of reed beds, cattails and meadows liable to flooding.
  • The Llaunes (Lagoons) reserve: with coastal lagoons, saltwater meadows and dunes.
  • The Caramany island reserve: situated in the middle of the river Fluvià, this is place where large numbers of birds nest.
  • The best times to watch birds are at dawn and in the evening. Binoculars are a must at the numerous observation hides dotted all over the nature park.  The times of year when the most species can be spotted are those of the migrations in spring (March to May) and autumn (August to October), though interesting species can be seen all year roundThe park information centre, “El Cortalet”, is 10 km from the campsite by road (in the car) or 6 km by bicicle, following paths inside the nature reserve.

When are you coming?